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We offer services ranging from basic blog content writing, to a holistic blog development package, which could include hosting, design and marketing of your blog, along with the development of content.

Blog Hosting, Set-Up and Maintenance

There are a multitude of blogging packages out there, and many are free. However, using free services might end up costing you more in terms of time and effort invested into setting up, designing, and maintaining your blog. Many blogging packages also come off as unprofessionally designed, and lacking in important tools that make up an effective blog. Even if a blog is ideally personal in nature, it does pay to have a blog that looks decent and has the functionalities that make reading easier.

Whether you choose to host your blog with us or not, we will assist you with setting up a domain that’s appropriate to your blog’s niche and/or your line of business or expertise. We will also install the content management system that runs the back-end of your blog. And then we will help you choose a blog design that’s usable to your readers and appropriate for your needs.

Content Development

Content is king. Majority of the effort put into developing and maintaining a blog would be in terms of content. Blogs are, by nature, content-driven, because it is the information and discussions written on blogs that readers find appealing and worthwhile to keep coming back for. However, there is a line that separates regular website content writing and blog writing. Otherwise, blogs would look and sound just like a regular website, regardless of how frequent the updates.

Blog Post Writing

Ideally, blogs are more conversational and written using a personal tone that readers would find more intimate. This way, readers would easily identify the blog with a real person with his own honest ideas and opinions, and hence they would feel more comfortable to give their own feedback (instantly published on blogs).

Not all website or new blog owners are able to come up with captivating, witty and even humorous material for their blogs. Some would attempt to start blogging by focusing on linking and quoting material from other sites, but this is generally not very interesting unless one is already an established personality in any given field. Some would venture into writing lengthy, substantial posts, but with this, one might easily lose the interest of readers. Others would go with being too conversational and chatty. But too much of this, and your readers might not take you seriously.

Link Building

Blogs are good marketing tools in that they can drive traffic to traditional websites. An even better reason to get into blogging is the natural tendency of blogs to be ranked high in search engine queries. Our preferred blogging software, by default, publishes semantic markup and automatically links to notification services. Hence, search engines are more easily able to crawl and detect the material, and the links that are embedded within. This way, blogging can be very helpful in increasing the likelihood of search engines placing both your blog and the static websites that your blog links to on top for relevant searches.

In each blog post that we publish for you, we will embed three inline links to the website or sites of your choice, and these will serve as recommendations to both users who read your blog and the search engines, which will consider these as endorsements, aiding in a higher ranking.

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